Ice Cream Man Cometh

by Zackery StarHeartMoon

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released January 1, 2006

All tracks written, arranged, performed and produced by Zackery in the fall and winter of 2005

On this album Zackery plays - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, voice, keyboards, percussion, violin, toy piano, and glasses full of water

Cover art by Nico


tags: rock Seattle


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Zackery StarHeartMoon Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Sympathy
lipstick leaves imprints of lunacy
your sweat and sex become perfume
appetite swells without mystery
choose your pathway and bloom
or stumble the road to your doom

sympathy rest with me
take this pile of junk and tow it out to sea
i'm gonna warn you from the start
baby i've broken down romantic hearts
and you've got a wet bouquet in your hands

i don't want to use deception
release the dreams that cause us freight
syncopations glistening
and welcome lascivious flight
as an umbilical weapon i kiss your soul with delight
velvet moons hang low in dissarray
let them run like mare into the night
Track Name: Spindle Pricked
shimmering in the distance
too at odds to focus
all the little bits that no one else could reach
you took everything that we forgot to dream
and gave it life
my fragile heart and my fragile mind
suit up in armor one more time
the mystery of night breeds misery at times
but somehow the dirt and dust just sparkles
and fades

i find it no surprise that when i look into your eyes
i swear that i spy the maze inside my mind
so come and swim with me in weightlessness
as we flutter by their whys
the truest beauty still awaits us
if you've got the time to realize

and i've got the midnight sky to grin down on me
it's buying me time until i fall apart
trapped inside a mirror of the memory of my mind
Track Name: Mhune
i shave myself and shower in sin
relieve myself of the skin i've lived in
these things you realize
these things that you see
they'll never make sense to me

my body is made of materials found here
but my being was assembled on a far different sphere
maybe i'd be more comfortable
maybe i'd feel at home
if i just blast off and go live on the moon

with my space rocket and my space helmet on
i've got ten seat belts they're all buckled and done
i've got my guitar how much more will i need
when i'm liberated from humanity's greed
so start the countdown let me be on my way
no no more waiting it has got to be today
fire up the thrusters
do whatever it takes
for i have got to get my ass out of this goddam place
(we have liftoff)
so long suckers
i guess it's been nice
but i'm off to populate my lunar paradise
let's go

how lovely to live on the moon