Rockstar Fuckup

by Zackery StarHeartMoon

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released July 1, 2010

All Tracks Written, Recorded, Arranged and Performed by
Zackery StarHeartMoon.
Recorded in Seattle, WA between May 2008 and May 2010.
Remixed Jan 2011. Remastered March 2011.

On this album Zackery plays: 6 and 12 string acousitc guitars, electric guitar, ebow guitar, electric bass, Rhodes piano, toy Barbie piano, drum set, hand drum, shaker, tambourine, recorder, voice, keyboard, toy accordion, and mbira.

To contact and for free access to additional songs email ZACKERYSHM@GMAIL.COM

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Zackery StarHeartMoon Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Pour Me
pour me all alone into a home upon a hill
this feeling is not unique

no way no home no family to speak of
all the flowers of prey are hunting in the daytime
i bloom at night on the off chance they see me
stalking the grounds stealing rays from melting moons

singing sweet suicide and life overtakes me
lost in the slipstream and kissing the sun
even when i lay down the room still spins
looking back there's such a fine line
where the ending begins
Track Name: For Love of Grover
i know the difference between near and far
upstairs downstairs
inside and out
thanks to my friend named grover

anywhere i am is here
anywhere i'm not is there
he's super
so super

for love of grover
Track Name: Cocaine Lady
beauty loves to hide in the most devious of hands
just a shameless flirtation from some distant land
the air is thick and wet with a hundred lovers' moans
dancing on the razor's edge with no net down below

take my hand
hold my life but don't tear it away
take my heart
tear it apart but don't tear it away

think i'll throw my caution straight into the wind
just to see what shape it decides to settle in
you're full of distractions
you've got stars in your eyes
come on baby lets make it through the night

wicked wicked woman
take that candy babe
you promise me everything
then turn me to your slave
Track Name: A Bottle Marked Destiny
set out for the shining city on the hill
travel far but far to travel still
and once arrived to tread those roads of brick and stone
you find they lack the glow which in their distance shone

one drinks from a bottle marked destiny
one smokes the other's tale
and they both turn back to me over time

she steps lightly in your dreams
floats above the ground
while tantalizing glimpse of thigh
and heaving breast abound
yet blown kisses and hints
are these for the tiniest amount
of the gravity of reality is sure to weigh her down
Track Name: Salamander
she said don't think of getting in bed
with those dirty feet
and wipe that makeup off your face
before you go to sleep

i get around
most of the time i'm barefoot in the summertime
it's in my face between the lines
you can see it in my crazy eyes

moisture makes my life complete
my body thirsts from head to feet
come on child give me love on time
or i'll go and find a well that isn't dry

Track Name: Ella Fey
screaming dreams fill my head
seems to be
drowning dreams that will not die
in a briefcase full of dead babies
seems we're trapped at a crossroads of time
but who's to say
see the sun obscure the sky
and then i see it fade away

low flying airplanes landing in my brain
low flying airplanes waking me insane
when we're gone who will own the skies
and what of zones where you can't fly
why can't they while i sleep in my bed
keep those planes from flying over my head

grow your wishes in the backyard
have a heart for tea
emote elf flee to me remote elf flee to me
steal the sex in sanctuary and set it free
all wrapped up in fake death
when aviation disturbs my peace
Track Name: Drown
rockstar fuckup
i say you got me to wake up today
so scrape off that makeup and play with me

baby i can't slow down
i drown when i hit the ground