by Zackery StarHeartMoon

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released June 8, 2011

All tracks written and performed by Zackery using 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, Voice

Tracked by Z on May 12th and 27th, 2011 in Seattle, WA

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Zackery StarHeartMoon Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: River of Life
when the rain came it washed my fears away
and i took back my name from the water
then i fell down to me knees
and i cast my stones into the river
and i know that you can't rescue my soul
because i'll be back with the river tonight
i'm going back to the river tonight
when the sunshine lights my way
i look out my door and i see the open sky
and the sunlight guides my way
i lay down my cards and i walk the path they lay
and then the sun reaches into my soul
and pulls me back into the river of life
Track Name: Cruel Mistress
can't get a handle on this girl
she'll wax like the moon
bend you over the knee with a wooden spoon
don't take a thing for granted
she'll show you as the fool
she's a cruel mistress or she's a good girl
open her arms to hold you or deny you all the world
there's no mistaking her kindness
there's no mistaking her price
but when she smiles it's like the sky just opened wide
then you fall and it's like she's eating you alive
the spring winds bring her though she's always there
you can catch her sent upon the air
blue skies and sunshine until a storm blows into town
then you can find no shelter you can find no relief
and you start to question your own beliefs
but there's another side to your seductive mind
the risks we take do not compare
to the games they play inside my head
she's a cruel mistress and she's a good girl
open her arms to hold you and show you all the world
and there's a softer side
you see it every time
Track Name: Lives of Colors
blue said to red
i found a lovely place to lay my head
and red said to blue
i'd love to share that lovely place with you
and so the two together laid
and thus the purple made
yellow and green were shortly on the scene
with pink on the lips and a sashay on the hips
though when viewed from off the ground
the whole thing just looked brown
the lives of colors may seem bold
when their cultures start to take hold
and when you've no home to go back to
home is where the roots take hold
once you find someplace that attracts you
thats when the strength comes to grow bold
soon to the naked eye a colored city could be seen
awash with oranges, yellows, blues and greens
pink purple messengers of rages and joys
shining metallics gleam like metal alloys
but when viewed from off the ground
the whole thing just looked brown
and there they lay thriving til the day
the chlorine came and washed the colors all away
try as one might
without colors in sight
the only thing to see was a shapeless field of white
and now there's no...
Track Name: Rockn'Roll Bitch
stale voice from the cigarette breath stench
says if you wanna live large
you'd better choose a path then
one road diverges from another
choose route for you won't travel the other
take a quick breath as you dive into a sea of them
stay down tripping on the moonlight
dull glow where you used to shine so bright
everybody want to know
swim deep digging for pearls tonight
in the marquee lights
where did you go?
sights set you're gonna be a star now
its a winding road but you've come pretty far now
locked in you can't escape the cockpit
Track Name: A Bottle Marked Destiny
set out for the shining city on the hill
travel far but far to travel still
and once arrived to tread those roads of brick and stone
you find they lack the glow which in their distance shone
one drinks from a bottle marked destiny
one smokes the other's tale
and they both turn back to me over time
she steps lightly in your dreams
floats above the ground
while tantalizing glimpse of thigh
and heaving breast abound
yet blown kisses and hints are these
for the tiniest amount of the gravity of reality
is sure to weigh her down
Track Name: Pour Me
pour me all alone into a home upon a hill
this feeling is not unique
no way no home no family to speak of
all the flowers of prey are hunting in the daytime
i bloom at night on the off chance they see me
stalking the grounds stealing rays from melting moons
singing sweet suicide and life overtakes me
lost in the slipstream and kissing the sun
even when i lay down the room still spins
looking back there's such a fine line
where the ending beings
Track Name: Drown
rock star fuck up i say
you got me to wake up today
so scrape off that makeup and play with me
baby i can't slow down
i drown when i hit the ground
shake that maker this way
lets go blow my paycheck i've no shame
fuck those shackles this boy's no slave no way